The F Word - Fear

When making big leaps in life, things can get scary, and fear will enter the picture and try to make you second guess yourself.  If by chance fear does seep in, which often happens when moving from one level to the next, here are a few things that I have found that can help;


  1. Know your numbers - You need to really understand what you are doing and do your homework before you ever take a leap.


  1. Remove any and all negative people - I am not saying have some big FB post about it, just fade to black for a minute until you get where you need to go or do what you need to do. Some negative people can't help but be pessimistic and may need to learn from you how to be more optimistic. But you can teach all of that later, right now you must concentrate on you. So create some space between you and these types of people. It may be hard because they may be close family members or even live with you. But do whatever you can to create some distance.


  1. Meet new people - The people you have been dealing with have not done anything to help you reach your goals, so drop em!!!! I am serious. You know the people in your life that are pretty much just talkers and takers. This is low hanging fruit, drop these clowns immediately.


  1. Stay Inspired - Keep a constant flow of positivity flowing your way. For me that means listening to TD Jakes and CT Fletcher.

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